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Nutrition #Facts are NOW AVAILABLE!

The time has finally come, after several months of carefully counting (and recounting, and recounting...), and collaborating with our head designer, we are proud to announce Bowl Boss now has a complete nutrition guide available on this website along with in store!

This guide features the calorie and macro breakdown for every bowl, smoothie, and our waffle. AND what's even cooler is that if you are a fan of our BYOB (build your own bowl), we have also created a section for each

individual fruit, crunch topping, drizzle, blend, etc, so that you can calculate what is in your bowl to 100% accuracy!

We are so proud to see how far Bowl Boss has come. In July of 2018 at our very first farmer's market, we had no idea that we would be HERE, 3 years later, creating nutritional information, helping our first franchisee of Rome get off to a successful start, and feeling the unending support from our lovely customers.

So as our THANK YOU to YOU, for helping make our acai dream a reality, we'd like to help you out in your nutrition journey! Understanding the proper fueling of our

bodies can be downright confusing at first. There are a lot of articles out there, all providing different information, and if you aren't sure which ones are telling the truth and which ones are not, it can leave you... well, frozen.

But here at Bowl Boss we don't believe understanding nutrition should be this difficult! We believe that wholesome ingredients prepared in a transparent kitchen setting can give you a powerful meal like no other! So if you are taking a look at our nutrition facts and are confused as to what "protein", "carbs", and "fats" are, READ THIS:

#1 A healthy diet consists of a balance between protein, fats, and carbs! Each of these play a vital role in your properly functioning body.

#2 Although all food will be composed from one or more of these, WHOLE FOODS are the healthier option for your body. While there still may be some protein in that deep fried basket, it has been processed SO MUCH that it's been stripped of its fiber and other nutrients your body craves! Whole foods offer you all of these nutrients, untouched.

#3 PROTEIN plays an important role in helping you build/maintain muscle, grow healthy hair and nails, provide satiety in meals, and more!

#4 CARBS provide you energy for your brain, kidneys, heart, and nervous system! Without enough carbs, you may struggle sleeping, feel groggy during the day, be unable to exert yourself to your fullest, or have troubles with digestion.

#5 FATS are key to a healthy heart and other organs, sharp brain functioning, easy digestion, and decreasing inflammation! Fats can be found in more foods than you might think, and not all are created equal. Whole foods offer a healthy kind of fat your body craves.

We hope this mini breakdown of our nutrition chart helps you understand the meaning behind it more. Stay tuned for more food tips coming your way, and stay healthy until next time!

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