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66% less sugar, 100% more FUN!

Did you know that Bowl Boss now serves a *vegan* version of the classic Nutella?! Yup! We like to call it... "Notella"! See what we did there?

Here at BB our entire menu is centered around whole, raw ingredients. But that doesn't mean we can't still have a little fun ;) Our classic Nutella drizzle has been available on our top-rated Coco Cabana bowl and a few other bowls since we first opened, but we noticed something along the way:

Our vegan friends couldn't join in on the fun!

For the past year and a half, founders Jenna + Sue have been SEARCHING high and low to find the ideal vegan match for Nutella. Some were too sweet, others too thin, and some just flat out didn't even compare. But one day we found our match made in HEAVEN (and no, we're not being dramatic)! It was love at first bite, and we knew we had to have it as a permanent addition to our menu.

Our Vegan Notella is creamy, rich, full of flavor, and made with less processed ingredients, bringing the sugar content down 2/3 compared to our classic Nutella option! Opting for foods with lower sugar content is necessary for those who have been diagnosed with or are at risk for diabetes and can be a solid lifestyle choice for others who are looking to simply live a healthier lifestyle.

CURIOUS and ready to try our Vegan Notella? Order today or ask our friendly Bowlistas for a free sample! :)

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