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Bowl Boss was founded in 2018 by mother-daughter powerhouse duo, Jenna and Suzanne.

What started as a single farmer's market booth in Upstate NY has grown into a multi-unit franchise largely focused on whole, raw superfoods and the idea of making healthy eating accessible to all.

Owners, Jenna and Suzanne, smiling behind their branded catering table setup

Bowl Boss was originally created after Jenna had spent 2 years studying in college. Her overall experience was negative largely due to her dairy-allergy that was often misunderstood in the dining halls. She spent a big majority of her time unwell and unable to eat. In the summer of her junior year, she came to the realization that she could not go through another year of illness and feeling afraid of how her meals might impact the rest of her daily schedule.


After spending her entire childhood watching her mother and other family members be successful entrepreneurs, Jenna decided to make a radical change in her life and go against the norm for her age group by opening her own açaí bowl business. After a successful summer of sales at farmers markets in areas surrounding her home town, Jenna partnered with her mother, Suzanne, to open their first brick and mortar storefront that fall.

Together, they worked to share their vision of a transparent and allergy-friendly menu to make eating an enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of dietary restriction. It has since become a staple in the Upstate NY area through its franchising efforts and has started to expand in other regions and states. 

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