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HEAL your body with this ONE SUPERFOOD...

If you have any sort of access to the internet... chances are you've seen posts/news stories that sound like this: "Avoid this one food to melt off fat!", "Eat this food daily to erase wrinkles!", "Your kitchen's secret to losing that extra weight for good!"... and on, and on, and on. We get it, they sound pretty enticing. But then you click on it, and the article really doesn't give any solid answers.

What if the real ticket to health could be found in eating WHOLE foods... instead of following those CRAZY and CONFUSING FADS?

IT'S TRUE! There is so much power to be found in eating whole foods. But what makes a food, a SUPER-food? There are some foods that have so many healing properties that they are elevated to *super* status! Here at Bowl Boss we let our superfoods be the star of the show. With our wide variety of choices you are able to customize your bowl/smoothie to your heart's content, all while feeling good about the choices you are making!

But with so many different options here... it would be impossible to do them all justice with just this one post. So today we are highlighting the many healing benefits of COCONUT:

Ah coconut... a fan-favorite on our best-selling Coco Cabana bowl. If you haven't tried it as a topping (or base!) for your order yet we highly recommend and HERE'S WHY:

  • BEAUTY ENHANCER: have you ever seen coconut-infused lotions/shampoos? Coconut has a smoothing/softening ability for skin and hair that can leave them feeling healthier and rehydrated. You may also notice your overall complexion brightening with daily consumption!

  • DIGESTIVE SUPPORT: coconut contains a high amount of fiber that can help to keep you regulated and feeling good after eating. *Fun fact: each serving of coconut from Bowl Boss will give you about 20% of your daily recommended fiber intake!* It may also help your body better absorb the nutrients/minerals from the foods you eat, creating a solid foundation for you to grow stronger on.

  • IMPROVES OVERALL FUNCTION: because coconut contains a ton of minerals in higher concentrates, it works to improve many different functions your body performs! For example, manganese can help you heal from wounds faster, copper promotes stronger bones, and potassium helps control the electrical activity in your heart.

There are even more benefits to eating coconut than the ones we have listed here but we think that these are some of the most interesting! It can be so easy to take our well-functioning bodies for granted, but by incorporating many of Bowl Boss' superfoods into your diet you can work to easily maintain/protect it all while enjoying it in the process! So the next time you think you see a magazine cover or post online promising you the world... think of this article again. Remember you already have all the power by choosing which (super)foods to consume and you can live a full, healthy, well-balanced life WITHOUT all that added stress.

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